How to Introduce New Fish into Your Aquarium Tank For Beginner


Having an aquarium is not only a hobby anymore, it’s also a passion! The most common question when people add new fish to aquariums is "Why do my fish keep dying in the new tank?". That is a New tank syndrome, fish particularly stressful when added to a new environment. Here are some tips on how to add new fish to the tank and your new fish will stay safe and healthy.

Well preparation before buying fish

Talk to an expert at the fish store or research by yourself to make sure the new fish species you purchase will be compatible with your existing aquarium fish species. Furthermore, here are 3 other things you need to consider before adding new fish to your tank.

  • Water

Test to ensure your tank’s chlorine level is zero, and the pH level matches the store’s where the fish come from. Because the differences in water temperature, pH, and other factors make a huge difference in a fish’s life. You can also add a pinch of granulated salt and 1-2 dried eagle leaves into the tank.

prepare tank before adding your fish into it

You prepare a small tank and only let the water level 5-10cm, no need to air pump when you first release fish into this tank. The next day, continue to add the prepared water. After doing this continuously for a few days, we can put it in the tank. This will help new fish like betta, goldfish, guppy get used to your home water to avoid water shock.

  • Light

Turn off the light of any aquarium lights to minimize harsh contrast, this would help new fish reduce stress. Also, if possible, dim the lights in the room or direct light away from the tank.

  • Food

Feed fish that are already in your aquarium for a friendlier welcome. Hungry fish will be more aggressive toward the newcomer.

Receive fish after transportation

Ordering online or picking up new fish at the store, the fish still have to travel a long way to their new tank. When you get home, don't immediately put the fish in the aquarium. The change in temperature and water environment can be startling for them. 

Do not pour water from the transport bag into the aquarium because it is contaminated with metabolites produced by the stressed fish during transport.

How to adding the fish and help them acclimatization with new tank

  • Opening the bag

Place the bag in the aquarium and wait for the water in the bag to reach the temperature at which they will eventually remain. Open the bag and pour in a cup of aquarium water. Reclose the bag. And repeat it every 5 mins.

  • Temperature

After 30 minutes of acclimating to the new environment and temperature, your fish will be ready for the big move. Scoop your fish from the bag into the tank with a net.

  • Feeding

For the first 1-2 days, you may not need to feed the fish or feed a small amount during the day. After that, you can feed the fish many meals a day and eat in a sufficient amount each meal, the leftover food must be sucked out to avoid damaging the water.

feeding your new fish

Tips and Tricks

Maintaining a dim and quiet environment for the next few hours will aid your fish's recovery from the move.

When adding more than one fish at a time, the newcomer is less likely to be harassed by existing pets.

To avoid stress on fish, let the fish rest when it is first released into the tank! Do not look at or take pictures, especially knocking on the tank.

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