Black Koi Short Tuxedo Ribbon

We also offer a beautiful collection of Black Koi Short Tuxedo Ribbon Guppy. The long trailing fins of these...
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Customer Reviews

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Tammy Gill

This was my first time ordering fish online, I was a bit nervous! My danios arrived promptly. I followed the included instructions to acclimate them to my tank, and they are doing great

Johnnie Horton

They look beautiful and healthy. They are exploring the tank and interacting with each other

Leslie Ross

They seem no worse for wear from the trip than fish from a local store. I am so pleased with this experience, I will definitely order from here again!

Lindsay Wise

I ordered 16 of these and they were all alive and active upon arrival. Eight days has gone by since they came in and all are doing well

Sharon James

One of them is blind in one eye but this would have been almost impossible to notice at the sellers facility.

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