Albino Blue Topaz Ribbon

✅ The Аlbinо Blue Tораz is оne оf mаny unique vаrieties оf Роeсiliа retiсulаtа guррy develорed thrоugh yeаrs...
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Product Type: Live Fish
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Title: 1 Male
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Dead fish

You shipped the fish on Sunday? I received them Friday evening. One of the albino blue topaz was doa. I have pictures of it, but I’m not going to cut it up.

Keegan Meadows
This is my second order waiting on a third.

I have received two trio sets. Different types but the females I have received all look the same, so concerned about that, BUT! Great shipment process, fish arrived alive and well. We have only lost one of the females, and waiting for another order today.

Jennifer Joel
Order 1338, J.Joel

Review also left on google.
My husband and I were looking for quality guppies to introduce to our other guppies we have (red cobra, yellow cobra). We decided on a pair of 24k golds, 1 black blue halfmoon female, 1 tarzan blue male anda pair of albino blue topaz.. Upon arrival (which was much faster than expected!) We discovered the 24k golds were mispicked for 24k gold ribbons (no complaint) and the female had given birth during shipment! All fish received are happily living their best lives in their quarantine tank. We are SO ECSTATIC with the quality, hardiness and seemingly docile nature of the guppies. We will definitely be looking to purchase from Houston Aqua EXCLUSIVELY. Thank you!!!!

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