L240 - Galaxy Vampire Pleco

A generally peaceful and hardy species, the Galaxy Vampire Pleco is an excellent, undemanding candidate for most...
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Customer Reviews

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Audrey Estep
Beautiful and healthy

Love my pleco! He’s little but so pretty.

Ana Nguyen

They are active and eating in my tank. My rummy nose tetras are greedy eaters. I put an omnivore pellet in the bottom of my tank and they ate. Thank you!

Fred Page

They were alive and active from the start. They started to color up within a few hours.

Janice Taylor

They came small as listed (all at or under 1inch), but grew and colored up pretty quickly as of writing this review! I am feeding them live baby brine shrimp and sometimes very fine crushed/grounded flakes. Gotta love them when they swarm up during feeding time!

Aaron Logan

Order received on time as planned, well packed, and all rich in great condition.

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